5 Reasons Why Bar Soap is Making a Comeback

Why Bar Soap is Making a Comeback


There was a time when bar soap was the standard. Before the advent of loofahs, body washes, bath bombs, and the dizzying array of bath products that were developed during the 20th century, pretty much everyone across the globe washed with bar soap. Today people have realized that the things our grandparents did might have had some sense and started the switch back to traditional soapmaking. Packer’s Pine is here to let you know why.

The biggest reason is that myths about the cleanliness of bar soap are getting busted. The most prominent myth, that bar soap is unclean or collects germs, is patently untrue. Like all soap, bar soap can help in enveloping germs and washing them away. And the bar soap can create extra friction as you rub it into the skin, which can really help in driving away dirt and debris.

If a bar of soap ever appears unclean, as it picks up dirt and dust from the environment, simply hold it under the tap and wash the soilage away. As you wash away the top layer, the remaining soap beneath is as clean as ever. Here are some other reasons people are making the switch back to bar soap:

1) Stands the test of time

Which is to say that bar soap stores well. Bar soap is compact, doesn’t require much in the way of containers, and it will clean just as well after months in storage as any chemical-laden body wash.

Even better, bar soap can be cut to size and packed in any container. Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, taking a plane to an exotic vacation, or showering at home, bar soap is a perfect addition to any hygiene kit. Packer’s Pine tar bar soap does all that and still packs a punch of piney goodness that leaves you smelling like a fragrant forest of old growth pine.

2) More natural and easy on the skin

Many liquid soaps contain a laundry list of ingredients needed to preserve their potency over time. Not so with bar soap. Our pine tar bar soap works wonders for sensitive skin, as well as dry skin, because it is natural and healing.

Bar soaps also contain natural glycerin, which is a byproduct of soapmaking (called saponification, for you science types) that is essential for a high-quality bar of soap. Glycerin will keep your skin feeling soft and gentle. Using natural soaps with botanical ingredients is one of the best ways to be gentle with your skin.

While harsh detergents and sulfates can leave your skin dry, rough, and crying out for care, traditionally made soaps can get you clean without compromising comfort. Pine tar soaps and shampoos are a great sulfate-free option.

3) Looks intriguing

If you leave a half-full pump of liquid soap near a sink, it will look unremarkable at least and often grimy, as it’s splattered with water and soapy remains of washed hands of the past. Bars of soap of today are created with all kinds of eye-catching colors and patterns. We’re particularly proud of our alluring, dark soap bar of piney goodness. How often do you see a bar of tar-black soap? What’s more, how often have you washed your hands or body with it? Switch to Packer’s Pine and get your guests talking.

4) Environmentally friendly

While body wash has become popular over the years, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Along with a squirtable mixture of fragrant soap comes endless plastic bottles to hold them. What happens to all of those bottles when they get thrown into the trash?

Bar soap can be sold without packaging in retail stores or shipped in simple waxed paper when shipped. Even if bar soap is wrapped in plastic wrap, the amount of plastic used is much less than a thick bottle. Because of this, making the switch to bar soap isn’t just good for your skin, it’s good for the whole planet. The earth thanks you.

At Packer’s Pine, we care enough about the planet that we’ve partnered with organizations to help preserve our forests for the years to come. It’s hard to smell like a rugged outdoorsman when there aren’t any outdoors left. Our partnership with One Tree Planted will keep the outdoors fresh and available to anyone.

While you’re out in the woods, did you know pine tar soap is a form of deet free mosquito and tick repellent? Instead of slathering your body in chemicals, washing with pine tar soap can help drive the pests away naturally.

5) Saves you money

Bar soap can last much longer than conventional body washes. That means you go longer showering with the same bar than you would with a bottle of body wash. That’s dollars saved every time you shower.

While most beauty products come with a hefty price tag, Packer’s Pine is a great way to treat yourself to a luxurious shower without breaking the bank. Our traditional pine tar soap invigorates, relieves, and protects your skin.

As you can see, the time honored tradition of washing with a bar comes with plenty of benefits that standard body wash products just can’t touch. That’s not to say that all body washes are bad; we offer a natural and healing body wash that is free of the chemicals you’ll find loaded into many other body washes. But for the good, old-fashioned, iconic bar of soap, try the Packer’s Pine recipe that’s been keeping people clean and moisturized the natural way since 1869.