Am I Washing My Hair Right?

Washing My Hair Right

We know that there is a lot to do in the day. You have to wake up on time, walk the dog, make a healthy breakfast, go to the gym, reply to that email, meet with your boss, date night, and… are you feeling a bit stressed yet?

With so much to do and so much that has to be done right, simple things can get lost in the mix-up of life. One of those things is in your shower routine.

If we haven’t made it clear by now, showering is kind of our thing, more particularly, getting clean. We dug up some research about getting your hair clean and found out that many people are actually washing their hair wrong. So, we put together some of the most common mistakes people make when suds-ing up their strands. We want to help you avoid these blunders so your locks will look and feel a bit more luscious the next time you step out of the shower and immediately remember that you forgot to feed the cat… let’s get your hair right first.

We’ve broken down the three areas of washing your hair: most mistakes stem from your water habits, the process, and the products you use. From there, we’ll let you in on some quick fixes that will up your shower game and have your hair looking better than ever.

Water Mistakes

It might seem silly, but quite a few hair-washing problems stem from the shower itself. Thankfully, just a turn of the dial and a bit more patience can solve them.

Not letting your hair get wet enough.

To ensure your hair is primed for a great clean, it should be wet. Not damp, not dry, but soaking wet. This allows soap to lather correctly and shampoo to work its magic.

If you’re unsure if you are practicing enough patience in the shower and letting your hair become fully saturated, spend a few extra minutes under the water stream. If you have long hair, make sure to move sections around to ensure all of your hair and scalp are soaked.

If you want to save some time, try shampooing after other steps of your shower routine so that your water can thoroughly saturate without wasting time.

Using water that is too hot.

We know a hot shower can be relaxing and soothing, and a cold one isn’t.

Although it’s a tough pill to swallow, your boiling hot showers might contribute to some of your hair problems. Steaming water can cause dryness for both your hair strands and your scalp, contributing to excess hair fall.

Now, the thought of taking a cold shower all the time gives us the shivers, so we won’t tell you to do that either. Instead of looking at a shower as hot or cold, try meeting somewhere in the middle, at least when you hit the hair care steps of your shower. Saturating, washing, and rinsing with lukewarm water will help protect your hair and scalp from unnecessary damage.

Process Mistakes

This is the aspect of hair washing that people mess up the most, usually with the following faulty processes.

Scrubbing too vigorously.

It may seem like the more you scrub, the cleaner your hair will be, but that isn’t the case, and it can pull out your hair. Lathering your product gently with the pads of your fingers and a little pressure is all you need to clean your hair. The shampoo should be doing the work, not you.

Forgetting your scalp.

This may be the most egregious of all shampooing mistakes. While you should be evenly shampooing all parts of your hair, directly shampooing your scalp is essential. Your oily hair stems from the oil glands in your hair follicles on your scalp. Take your time with your scalp, more time than anywhere else on your head, and give yourself a head massage if you’re feeling like a bit of self-care. It doesn’t just feel good, but it allows your scalp to get clean.

Not rinsing for long enough.

Just like getting your hair completely wet before you start shampooing, you must fully rinse it at the end. Ensure your hair is suds-free by spending a few more moments under the water stream to get all the shampoo out. This helps you avoid any product buildup that can dry your hair and scalp, leaving it itchy, flaky, and suffocated.

Product Mistakes

The products you use or don’t use could be what’s holding your hair back from its true potential. Finding products that work for your hair, with ingredients that count, can make all the difference in your hair-washing routine. After all, they are the things that actually do the cleaning; they are the main event.

Not using a natural shampoo.

When you walk into the hair care aisle of the store, it can be overwhelming. There are so many options, terms, and promised benefits that it can all feel like too much.

A majority of those products are also full of harsh chemicals that can dry out your scalp, leave silicones glued to your strands, or weigh down your hair.

A natural shampoo, such as our pine tar shampoo, is free from parabens, sulfates, and dangerous carcinogens that hurt your health.

Skipping conditioner

To leave your hair shiny and moisturized, don’t forget to use a natural conditioner that restores hydration to your strands by working it evenly down the hair shaft. Skipping this step can leave your hair dry, frizzy, and hard to tame. Conditioner is critical after shampooing for your best hair yet.