How Effective is Pine Tar Soap as an Insect Repellant?

There are many insect repellents on the market, making it hard to know which one will actually work. If you stick with more natural repellents and have been considering trying pine tar soap, read on to hear some opinions on the product.

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson

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A Natural Way to Deter Bites

Pine tar soap works to repel insects. It’s not as effective as DEET-laden products, but it’s also more natural. So, if you’re trying to limit your use of toxic chemicals, it’s worth trying pine tar soap.

It has a strong odor, and once it wears off, it probably won’t be as effective at keeping insects away. So, if you’re in a heavily-infested mosquito area, you might want to carry your soap with you so you can reapply frequently.

Many pine tar soaps also include citronella and other oils that help increase their insect repellent properties.

Because it doesn’t work for a long time, some people prefer repellents with DEET that will last a lot longer.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams

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Natural Properties That Ward Off Insects

Pine tar itself naturally wards off bugs, chiggers, and other biting insects. In other words, if any soap that contains pine tar works well as an insect repellent, consistent usage of that soap will help you stay protected from insects.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller

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The Smell of Pine Tar Repels Insects

Pine tar soap is indeed effective as an insect repellent, particularly against those that bite like mosquitoes or ticks. That’s because these insects aren’t attracted to the smell it emits from the body, which makes them keep away. It’s as simple as that.

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