Seven Reasons Pine Tar Shampoo is the Answer to Your Hair Needs

Reasons Pine Tar Shampoo is the Answer to Your Hair Needs

Everyone seems to be talking about skincare these days and all of the potions and elixirs that are the magical solution to every problem on your face…but what about your hair? There’s skin under those luscious locks, and shouldn’t we take care of that too? Well, we certainly think so.

From head-scratching that isn’t prompted by deep thought to ensuring you keep as much of your hair as possible, we did some digging and found the best solution to all your hair care issues, and news flash: it’s in the trees.

Pine tar has been used for over 2,000 years as a solution to a wide range of skin issues, including quite a few you may be feeling on top of your head right now. We rounded up seven of the best reasons why washing your hair with pine tar soap is the best choice for whatever you have going on up there.

1. Leaves your hair squeaky clean

Pine tar has been shown to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which means after showering with it, your hair will be invigoratingly clean and free from any traces of the long day you’ve had. These shampoos will clean up all the dirt, grime, and excess oils that clog your scalp and make you feel gross. As a result, you walk out the door looking and feeling your best.

Want to experience the cleansing power of pine tar shampoo for yourself? Our premium-grade pine tar shampoo could be just what you’re looking for.

2. Won’t dry out your hair

Many processed shampoos on the market might leave your hair clean but stripped of natural oils that keep your hair hydrated. One of the perks of a shampoo made with pine tar is that it leaves your hair clean and super hydrated. Clean, hydrated hair can help reduce itchiness, dandruff, and dry skin that you might not be able to see hidden on your scalp. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair.

If you’re looking to add extra hydration and moisture to your hair, you can also pair your pine tar shampoo with a pine tar conditioner for double the benefits.

3. Stops that “hair-at-the-bottom-of-the-shower” problem

Excessive hair fall can be a scary thing and cause worries about overall hair loss. Pine tar shampoo relieves those worries by cleansing and removing buildup and helping to moisturize and protect hair follicles. All the science aside, using pine tar shampoo means that hair is more likely to stay on your head and not take a trip down your shower drain.

4. Helps boost hair growth

By cleaning out dirt and oils from your follicles, pine tar gives hair the space to grow. Plus, the moisturizing nature of the shampoo conditions follicles into a healthy space ideal for maximum growth. Pine tar helps you keep your hair on your head—and have more of it.

5. Relieves dandruff naturally

Pine tar shampoo can help combat dandruff that may be plaguing your hair, especially in the colder, drier month of the year. Dandruff is caused in part by a yeasty fungus called Malassezia. It leaves hair flaky, and it can be a bit embarrassing when those flakes start to fall like snow wherever you go.

Thankfully, pine tar shampoo is inherently antifungal. That lets you skip those super-processed chemicals you can’t pronounce in commercially manufactured soaps and find relief with a natural shampoo for dandruff.

6. Helps prevent an itchy scalp

On top of dandruff and dry skin, an itchy scalp happens. Luckily, pine tar is antipruritic, which, yes, is a big confusing word. In regular people speak, it’s an anti-itch remedy. Whether your head scratching comes from dry skin needing hydration, dandruff-causing fungus, or some other inexplicable reason, pine tar shampoo will soothe your scalp.

7. Soothes your scalp

Many people who suffer from dry skin associated with eczema, seborrheic (scalp) dermatitis, and psoriasis have found relief in the moisturizing properties of pine tar shampoo. It’s gentle enough on problem areas and tough enough on dirt to be a great natural shampoo for sensitive skin.

Trusted for thousands of years and perfected in modernity, pine tar shampoo is just what your hair needs to feel cleaner and healthier, no matter what is plaguing your scalp. It was perfect for the ancients, and today, perfect for you. Try it yourself and see what centuries of wisdom can do for your hair and the rest of your body.