Morning or Night? When is the Best Time of Day to Shower?

Best Time of Day to Shower


Everyone has their own routines, and when they shower is a part of that. Some people are team morning shower, others team night shower, and occasionally, you find the any-time-of-day shower-er…which we must admit is a bit of a rogue one, but you do you. Embrace going with the flow.

Whatever your preference, there are benefits and drawbacks to whichever time of day you shower. We put together some pros and cons of morning and night showers to help you decide what time of day is best for you.

The Morning Shower


Start Your Morning Off Right

What an invigorating way to wake up in the morning than with a rejuvenating shower. The water stream hitting your face and the sudden change of temperature can help get you going on those mornings when getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do.

Waking up with the refreshing scent of pine tar soap is one of our preferred ways to start the morning. The smell brings the forest right to you, and the crisp scent will awaken the senses.

Plus, why wouldn’t you want to start your day squeaky clean? Putting your best foot forward each day can start with a great shower routine that has you feeling bright-eyed and ready to take on anything.

Get the Ick Off

Did you know that you sweat a lot when you sleep?

It’s true. Your sheets, warm comforters, and duvets trap heat and moisture and can contribute to that gross, oily feeling you may have when you wake up. A lovely morning shower can help to wash away sweat and bacteria from the night before, which your skin will thank you for. Starting your day with clean skin can help prevent breakouts, clogged pores, and an overproduction of oils on your skin and hair.


Bringing the Day to Bed

Now, not everything about the morning shower is all sunshine and rainbows (get it, because the sun rises in the morning?).

One major drawback to showering exclusively in the morning is that you go to bed dirty, carrying your day with you and into your sheets. For many people, it feels gross to sleep in the same dirt, oil, and debris from the day.

The Night Shower


Clean Sheets, Clean You

Well, if the downside of the morning shower is going to bed dirty, the upside of the nighttime shower is going to bed clean. You pick up lots of dirt and pollution throughout the day that cling to your skin and hair, impacting your skin negatively. Showering at night with an all-natural body soap can rinse off the day and prepare you to start fresh in the morning. Plus, if you apply any makeup or skincare products during the day, cleaning them off your skin at night is essential to give yourself a blank canvas in the morning. Your skin will thank you.

End the Day the Right Way

Additionally, there are few better ways to end your day than to wind down and relax in the shower. An excellent shower routine can help with that, and you can focus on a bit of self-care after a long day.

While we talk about how showers wake you up in the morning, it might seem contradictory, but a hot shower at night can help you fall asleep. A great deal of research has shown that taking a warm shower or bath before bed helps you fall asleep by raising and lowering your core body temperature. This process helps to drop your internal body temperature by a few degrees and signal that it is time to sleep. If you struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, a nighttime shower could be an excellent natural remedy to your problem.


Waking up Gross

As it was a positive for the morning shower, a negative aspect of only showering at night is that you wake up with bacteria and oils on the skin, which, without a shower, stay on your skin all day. As we said earlier, we sweat quite a bit at night, and only showering at night can leave your skin stuck with that gunk and grime all day. Yuck.

Morning or night: which is better?

We can’t say that one is inherently better than the other, as both have their drawbacks.

Let's offer a solution, though.

If you have the time, you could shower twice daily, morning and evening.

This mitigates both methods' shortcomings and ensures you are at your cleanest at all times.

If you are worried that this frequency of showering will dry out your skin, try lowering the temperature a bit, using a moisturizing lotion, or finding a shampoo and soap for dry skin.

Whatever you choose to do and whenever you decide to shower, what is essential is that at least once a day, you are getting clean and staying fresh.