5 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Pine Tar

pine tar soap

      (fancycrave1 / pixabay)

With summer in full swing, it’s time to get outside, get active, and get sweaty. More hiking, playing, swimming, and running means one thing: more odor. Packer’s Pine pine tar soap is a perfect solution to the sweat and stink that come from summer fun. Check out some of our reasons below.

1) Pine tar has a fresh, invigorating scent. Have you spent much time in the woods lately? It smells incredible. The scent of pine has been associated with fresh air and cleanliness for decades. That’s why our company has made pine tar soap for over 150 years. Make your body smell as fresh as the untouched forest, not like sour body spray in a middle school locker room.

The natural antibacterial properties of pine tar soap will also prevent the growth of bacteria that are responsible for body odor. Using pine tar soap will keep your body smelling fresher for longer, without needing extra deodorant. That means you can stop worrying about whether or not you smell and spend more time enjoying your summer.

2) Pine tar is all-natural. Our soap is made from pine oil and pine tar, a substance that can be found in nature. While other soaps are made with harsh detergents, carcinogenic ingredients, and preservatives that build up on your skin and hair, Packer’s Pine is a natural soap that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

3) Pine tar repels insects. Pine tar has been used as a traditional insect repellent for centuries. Using pine tar soap lays a solid base layer of protection to keep mosquitos and other creepy crawlies away from your body. Since we spend more time outdoors during the summer, pine tar soap becomes a must-have for any intrepid outdoorsy types. Even better, pine tar soap will soothe the itching from bug bites you already have. Stop scratching and start relaxing.

Timothy H, a real user of Packer’s Pine had this to say: “I hike a lot in northern Michigan. Packer's smells like the pine forest, soaps up well, and helps manage the mosquitos and bugs on the trail.”

4) It’s tradition! Pine tar soap is a time honored tradition. Packer’s Pine soap was invented in 1869 and has been marketed since. Even before Daniel Packer invented his healing soap, pine tar was used in colonial America for a variety of applications. Even the ancient Scandinavians used pine tar to coat skis and protect their homes from bitterly cold winters. Pine tar is a versatile substance that smells great and feels great on your skin.

5) Pine tar has a variety of medical benefits. Pine tar can soothe irritated skin, treat dandruff, and it carries natural antibacterial properties. Many people use pine tar products to treat itching and irritation that comes from bug bites, eczema, and psoriasis. Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about your rough skin and flaky scalp? Treat your body a little better and feel better. Ditch the harsh detergent-based soaps and start using our pine tar soap, body wash, and shampoo.

Here’s one user’s experience: “Last time I used it, it was prescribed to me when I was a child by my family doctor. for a skin condition. It worked back then, now I am suffering from the same condition decades later. Current prescription drugs are just expensive money grabs that haven't helped whatsoever. I scoured the net looking for this soap and was able to FINALLY find it on amazon...only wish you could get the soap at your local pharmacy/health food store…”

One more reason: Packer’s Pine is the perfect soap for anyone who wants to spend more time outdoors this summer. You may have noticed that we are immense fans of pine tar and pine oil. In fact, we are huge fans of pine trees in general. That is why we have partnered with organizations like One Tree Planted and the National Forest foundation, to protect our forests and wildlands for future generations.

Just as pine tar soap protects and invigorates our skin, Packer’s Pine is working with these organizations to protect and invigorate our forests. The National Forest Foundation plants one tree for each dollar donated, which means each time you get clean, you’re doing your part. Meanwhile, One Tree Planted is planting millions of trees across the globe. That’s millions of trees you can get out and see this summer.