Pine Tar

Pine Tar has been used in medicine for more than 2000 years to treat a wide range of skin conditions because of its soothing and antiseptic properties

with Benefits

The Packer’s Pine

Natural Pine

We source the highest-grade pine tar and pine oil, combining them with complimentary ingredients to ensure a premium product of the upmost quality and performance


Packer’s Pine can be found in the National Museum of American History as well as major motion pictures including Annie Hall and The Aviator

The Original

Packer’s Pine is the original maker of pine tar-based personal care products sold around the world since 1869


Our proprietary formula of natural pine tar and pine oils has provided millions of people with soothing help for a variety of skin conditions

Use Daily

Tap into the dynamic power of pine by using Packer's Pine products daily to INVIGORATE, RELIEVE, and PROTECT. In addition to using for everyday cleansing and relieving skin issues, Packer’s Pine products are also targeted to anyone who regularly plays or works outdoors. From fishing, hiking, camping and gardening to working construction outdoors, Packer’s Pine has youcovered.

Elevate your cleansing routine and discover the power of pine