5 Tips for Men Who Want Clean, Comfortable Hair

Hair care doesn’t seem to be something that comes naturally to most men. While some manage a look that’s fresh, others seem lucky enough to keep their hair contained by a hat.

Packer’s Pine wants what’s best for men’s style and that includes helping the boys figure out what to do with that unwashed mop on their head. This guide will give the basics of hair hygiene and maintenance for getting a look that’s clean and attractive.

How often should I wash my hair?

The answer depends. Is your hair dirty? Do you have product in it? Let’s look at some of the factors that can change how often you should be washing.

Oil production

We hope we don’t break the news cycle with this, but did you know that everybody is different? Some of us have glands in our skin that naturally produce more oils than others. Because of this, some may need to wash their hair more often than others to keep their hair looking clean. Hair that is too oily may look constantly damp and limp and may lead to conditions like dandruff.

For most people, using shampoo two to three days per week is sufficient to keep hair looking clean. People with particularly greasy hair may need to wash most days, then condition their hair immediately after washing. People with dry hair may get away with washing just once a week. Determine a schedule that works well for you and stick to it as much as you can. If your oily scalp has led to dandruff problems, try washing regularly with anti-dandruff shampoo. A natural dandruff shampoo, like pine tar shampoo, might be used daily, while harsher shampoos with chemical additives may be used on a less frequent schedule.

Hair type

Straight and thin hair needs more frequent washing than curly, thick, and wavy hair. Straight hair can look more lank and greasy than curly hair, so it’s more important to keep it clean. Additionally, washing and manipulating straight hair can help add and maintain volume, something that people with curly hair rarely need help with.

Curly haired individuals may need to wash less frequently or wash only with a natural conditioner, to maintain moisture that keeps their curl structure intact. Keeping curly hair adequately moisturized can help control frizz, keep curls strongly defined, and make curly hair look neater than it would otherwise. Many shampoo companies make products specifically for people with wavy or curly hair textures, so shop around for the best fit.


How often are you working out? When we sweat, salt, oils, and other excretions move from our skin to our hair. This is particularly true if you wear some sort of hat while working out or doing hard labor. While a hat is always a great idea when you’re outdoors (to protect your skin from UV damage), it can trap sweat and oil against your hair and make frequent washing a necessity.

If you’re an athlete or spend lots of time sweating, you may be someone who would benefit from washing most days of the week. This will keep your hair clean, free from greasiness, and smelling fresh, instead of like the inside of a baseball helmet. Because washing daily can lead to drying, try using a mild natural shampoo for daily washing, rather than a sulfate-heavy shampoo.

Visible soilage

If you work a blue collar job, there’s a good chance that you may end up with mud, dirt, oil, dust, wood chips, or fiberglass floof in your mane. If this sounds familiar, daily washing is probably the best policy for you. Just like athletes, if you want to wash daily while maintaining hydrated, soft hair, a mild shampoo would be best. A natural shampoo is strong enough to cleanse your hair from daily grime, without stripping it completely of all its natural oils.

Another way to protect your hair is to wear appropriate head protection and keep your hair short or at least pulled back and out of the way of any soilage. This gives you the best chance to have luscious locks like Fabio and not like Joe Dirt.

Dry shampoo and other products are your friends

Don’t have the time to wash in the shower each day? Try extending the time between washes with products like dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is worked into your hair and can help manage the greasiness of hair between wash days.

Alternatively, you can use products to give your hair more styled looks. Products like gel, pomade, mousse, and salt sprays can give your hair a more artful, managed look, even on days when you haven’t washed. These products can also make up for times when your hair is lacking moisture, just isn’t cooperating, or can’t be stuffed into a hat. Learning to use a few products reliably can help you define your style and keep your hair looking great every day.


Packer's Pine aims to provide men with the best hair care, including advice on how to maintain clean and attractive hair. The guide will cover the basics of hair hygiene and maintenance, ensuring that men can maintain their hair fresh and attractive look, even with unwashed mops on their heads.

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