Healing 5 Common Skin Problems with Soap

Healing 5 Common Skin Problems with Soap(yiyiphotos/Pixabay)

1) Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions among adults, especially men. Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum that clogs pores and allows bacteria to inflame the follicles seated within the skin. Male hormones make the condition more prevalent among men than women. Additionally, American society hasn’t encouraged men to pay very close attention to their skincare until recently, so men are less likely to address their acne unless it’s particularly severe.

For mild breakouts, acne can often be solved with an improved skincare regime. Washing the face daily with a gentle, healing soap is a good first step. Gentle soaps like pine tar soap are a good choice for acne, as it helps clean dead skin and oil off of the face without irritating the skin itself. Additionally, pine tar soap can soothe inflammation, causing acne to appear less red and feel less painful.

Be careful not to scrub or exfoliate too heavily, as irritating the skin can actually worsen acne. Gently scrubbing once a day is plenty.

2) Psoriasis

While men and women are diagnosed with psoriasis in roughly equal numbers, men seem to experience more severe cases of psoriasis, including a larger affected area and more severe scaling. As psoriasis is an incurable autoimmune condition, nothing can be done to get rid of it completely. However, the condition can be managed and mitigated.

Pine tar soap can relieve some of the pain and inflammation caused by psoriasis. Packer’s Pine is a natural relief for psoriasis as it’s gentle on the skin and soothes inflammation with natural ingredients. In fact, wood tar soap has been a traditional remedy for skin conditions like psoriasis for hundreds of years. Even today, many find that pine tar soap does a far better job than other soaps of keeping the skin from drying out while simultaneously relieving the irritation of psoriasis scaling.

Hair loss is one of the side effects of psoriasis that may embarrass some men, especially as the scalp that’s gradually exposed can appear scaly or flaky. You can prevent hair loss by treating the scalp gently. Gentle soaps that soothe the scalp are best, as they avoid triggering or exacerbating scaling. Additionally, combing and brushing gently and avoiding picking at the scales can maintain scalp health and preserve hair growth.

3) Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that many do not recognize. Many people may assume that their skin is naturally red or they just have a particularly difficult case of acne. What’s actually happening is that they have a chronic inflammatory condition. While the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, it is often triggered by specific stimuli which can vary from person to person. These triggers include exposure to sunlight, cold, alcohol consumption, and certain foods.

In severe cases, rosacea can cause red bumps, itching and irritation, and even breaking of the skin. Pine tar soap works to heal rosacea by soothing the inflammation of the skin itself. People who are afflicted with rosacea can keep the condition in check by identifying triggers and working to eliminate them. This may include using sunscreen daily and avoiding alcohol.

4) Shaving Bumps

Any man who has touched a razor has likely experienced shaving bumps a time or two. These are angry red bumps that look a bit like zits. Shaving bumps are actually mild cases of ingrown hairs. As razors cut hair follicles down to the surface, these follicles can sometimes begin to grow back into the skin itself. This problem is most common among men with textured hair, particularly with extremely curly hair. As the hair curls during growth, it may curl right back into the sheath it’s meant to grow out of.

Pine tar soap not only soothes the delicate areas where you’ve shaved, but it can be used as a lubricant to help prevent razor burn and bumps. Use warm water and lather up the area you intend to shave. Using a safety razor with a single blade (rather than some razor called the 12 Blade X-Treme Glide or something) can also help prevent shaving bumps. You may not achieve as close of a shave with only one blade, but that’s a good thing! Avoiding cutting the hair too close to the skin will prevent ingrowth from occurring.

Lastly, being gentle with your skin in the days following shaving can help prevent further irritation as hair growth takes place. Gentle soap like Packer’s Pine and keeping the skin moisturized will help keep your skin looking (and feeling) happy and healthy.

5) Greasy Skin

Greasy skin is caused by the skin excreting large amounts of oils. Sometimes this is made worse when men work physically demanding jobs or have hobbies that cause them to sweat excessively. As the pores excrete sweat to cool the body, oil follows with it.

Luckily, all that you need to fix the situation is to wash with a gentle soap. If you find your skin is still oily during the day, you can wash again in the afternoon or evening. Most people only need to wash morning and night as a maximum. Using hydrating lotions in the morning can also prevent excess oil excretion.


The key to keeping skin healthy often revolves around establishing a strong daily routine. Daily hygiene using a gentle, natural soap will clear skin of excess oils and contaminants while applying a daily moisturizer will help lock in moisture that prevents and soothes inflammation.

Lastly, using sunscreen not only protects your skin from aging and the long-term damage of the sun, but it can help prevent triggering inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and others. You have to live with your skin 24/7; investing in skin care is one of the best things you can do for overall comfort and health, not just for people with dermatological problems but for all of us. Give your skin a break with Packer’s Pine all natural body soap.


You must be cautious about your skin all the time, so taking care of it is one of the finest things you can do for your general comfort and health, not just for those of us who have dermatological issues. Use Packer's Pine all-natural body soap to pamper your skin.

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