What personal care essentials should every man own?

Grooming habits are personal for every man, but there are essential products that they all should own. Whether you keep things simple or have a high maintenance grooming routine, you’ll want these in your medicine cabinet. We asked men what personal care products they can’t live without and their answers are fascinating.

Tim Connon

Tim Connon

Founder, CEO & Life Insurance Agent of .

Shampoo, Lotion, Conditioner and Hair Gel

The only real personal care products men should have would be shampoo, lotion, conditioner and hair gel or paste of some kind. Most men only really keep up with their hair and want to style it if they have the means to. Washing hair is essential for men so regular shampoo and conditioner are important.

Now to avoid dry skin men should be using lotion on their hands and face in order to keep skin moisturized. Men can be very low maintenance so these products aside from beard shampoos or conditioners are really all a man would need.

Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire

Fragrances, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, and Beard Trimmer

Fragrances are more than just smelling good. They're an invisible signature that lingers in the air, telling a story without a word. Find a scent that reflects your personality. Earthy and adventurous, clean and sophisticated, or anything in between. A well-chosen cologne adds a touch of mystery and intrigue, leaving a lasting impression wherever you roam.

Maintaining oral hygiene is equally important, and men should have a high-quality toothbrush and toothpaste. Regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash helps prevent cavities and gum disease, and maintains fresh breath.

A beard trimmer that doubles as a hair clipper is your pocket-sized grooming guru. Keep your facial fuzz (or lack thereof) in check, and tackle those stray nose and ear hairs without digging out a museum-worthy collection of grooming tools. One device, endless possibilities.

Dustin Sitar

Dustin Sitar

CEO of .

Grooming Products, Tongue Scraper, and Skin Care Products

Personal care products men should have are grooming products, a tongue scraper, and skin care products. Men tend to get sloppy with their grooming, whether that's their face or other regions, but they should never be neglected. It's not even about potential partners but for themselves.

    ● A tongue scraper is an added layer of defense against bad breath, which you use just before you brush your teeth
    ● Most men neglect skincare, but I think it's just as essential as hair grooming
    ● A face scrub for the shower
    ● Some moisturizer out of the shower

Dan Gallagher

Registered Dietician at .

Beard Oil

Any man who has had a beard for any length of time likely understands how integral having a quality beard oil is. It's essential. Your beard can get dry which in turns makes your skin underneath dry and itchy. Using a beard oil regularly on your beard will not only help you look and smell better, but it will keep your beard soft and your face moisturized.

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