What skin care tips can help men avoid winter dryness?

The bitter cold of winter can take the moisture from the air and take a toll on your skin. If you suffer from dry, itchy, or flaking winter skin when it’s cold outside, there is hope. Keep reading to learn what others do to avoid developing dry skin.

Walker Porterfield

Walker Porterfield

Lead Doctor at .

Moisturize, Protect, and Exfoliate

A simple yet effective winter skincare regimen for men. Prioritize hydration with a quality moisturizer, protect against harsh elements with SPF, and consider mild exfoliation to rejuvenate. Embrace self-care; your skin deserves the same attention you give to your overall well-being.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Co-founder & Contributing Editor of Best in Edmonton.

Lukewarm Showers, Beard Oil, and Nighttime Skincare

To stay warm in extremely cold weather, you [may want] a hot and steamy shower. Refrain from doing that. Even though it may feel pleasant, extremely hot water removes natural oils from your skin. Even drier skin results from this. Alternatively take quick, warm showers.

You should think about utilizing beard oils to ensure that your facial hair stays well nourished. Using essential oils on your beard may help hydrate the skin beneath your beard and the hair follicles.

Prioritizing a bedtime skincare regimen is another wintertime skin care [must] for guys. Your skin repairs and regenerates itself most throughout the night. In order to give your skin the nutrients it needs and help you wake up with perfect, youthful skin, a specialized night cream for men is an essential in the winter.

Joy Pfister

Joy Pfister

Founder of .

Humidify and Avoid Harsh Face Wash

A humidifier can help so much with avoiding the dreaded winter skin dryness. Second, make sure to use a non-foaming facial wash as they tend to dry and strip off natural oils. They are designed for more oily skin. Lastly, if you are struggling with dry skin, try washing your face one time per day instead of morning and evening and just splashing your face when you wake up. This will help retain much-needed natural oils in your skin.

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