Packer’s Pine Guide to Body Wash

One of the most important ways to take care of our skin is by keeping it clean. While our pine tar bar soap is a traditional way to keep clean, we understand that some people prefer the luxuries of the modern era. While some like to spend their vacation in the woods, others might prefer a hotel. And while some prefer a hefty bar of pine tar soap, others prefer a dab of body wash.

If you’re in the latter camp, Packer’s Pine is here to answer some questions and help you find high-quality body wash that’s perfect for keeping your skin fresh and fragrant.

What’s the difference between soap and body wash?

Body wash is a catch-all term for liquid soap. Both bar soap and body wash are capable of cleansing the skin of oil, dirt, and grime, but there are some slight differences. Bar soap often has more of a drying effect than body wash, which for people with sensitive skin, skin conditions, or skin that’s naturally dry, can cause problems. Body washes tend to be more moisturizing, which prevents the skin from drying, flaking, or losing its integrity.

Is shower gel the same thing?

Shower gel is similar, but a little different. Both body wash and shower gel are liquid soaps and great ways to cleanse the skin, but shower gel is typically more fragrant and less hydrating. While shower gel is a great choice for most skin types, body wash is a better choice for people who need more hydration from their soap.

Does body wash get me any cleaner?

Both bar soap and body wash are great ways to remove oils, dirt, and day-to-day mess from your skin. There is a slight difference in hygiene when it comes to storage. While body wash can be stored in a container that’s sealed from moisture, mildew, and the user’s own body, bar soap is exposed to the bathroom environment.

This means that damp soap bars can grow a small amount of bacteria, as well as pick up germs from one part of the body and spread it elsewhere. This is rarely an issue, but people with jock itch, athlete’s foot, or similar conditions may prefer to use a body wash and a single-use washcloth to avoid saving their fungus for later.

What should I look for in a body wash?

The first step to finding a high-quality body wash is looking at the ingredient list. Body washes with harsh ingredients like sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or parabens can cause skin irritation and inflammation. These kinds of ingredients can also exacerbate drying of the skin, which results in flaking and the need for lotions to replenish all that moisture.

Instead, look for products with natural fragrances or soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as pine tar or glycerin. These ingredients can maintain or replenish moisture in the skin while simultaneously relieving skin irritation from conditions like psoriasis.

Ingredients like pine tar can transform your body wash into a healing soap that relieves skin conditions, rather than causing them. Other ingredients, such as natural oils, Vitamin E, or aloe vera can also promote skin health and hydration.

Choose a soap with benefits for your skin

Did you know that two people using the same soap can have completely different results on their skin? Skin health is as unique as each individual. Try finding a body wash with specific ingredients or effects that target your skin needs.

If your skin needs extra moisture, choosing a soap with emollient body wash can solve that problem. If you have skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, or dermatitis, look for the best soap to treat those issues.

If you have access to a dermatologist, they may be able to guide with specific recommendations. They may recommend specifically formulated soaps with ingredients like ketoconazole, hydrocortisone, or pine tar.

Stay away from synthetic fragrances

For people with sensitive skin, these synthetic fragrances can be a frequent source of itching, irritation, and even dermatitis. These fragrances are designed in a lab and have no place on our skin. Packer’s Pine prefers to use pine fragrance derived from the forests we love. Not only does Packer’s Pine soothe the skin, but its woodsy, masculine aroma will leave you feeling and smelling like you’ve just lumberjacked your way across the northern forests.

If you are interested in giving a nature-based body wash for dry or sensitive skin a try, why not try the best? Packer’s Pine offers a product that draws from more than 150 years of experience in soap making. Don’t believe us? Check out our story and see some of our vintage ads through the years here.

With as much experience as we have, it’s no wonder that our customers leave glowing reviews about the fresh, invigorating sensation of Packer’s Pine, as well as its ability to relieve a wide variety of skin conditions. Natural, high-quality ingredients. Traditional recipes. Premium products. That’s the Packer’s Pine difference.


Maintaining skin cleanliness is vital. While traditional pine tar bar soap offers a classic cleaning method, many lean towards contemporary options. Just as some choose hotels over camping, some opt for body wash over pine tar soap bars. For those seeking quality body wash, Packer’s Pine provides guidance to ensure fresh and aromatic skin.


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